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San Francisco Cable Cars - 1974-1981

The first 4 (B&W) shots were taken in the summer of 1974, using my brownie box camera,
shortly before retiring it. I only had these poor-quality prints to work with, as the negatives
were lost. The first color shots were taken with my new 35mm Konica rangefinder camera.
By 1978, I upgraded to a Pentax K-1000 when the Konica was stolen (final 4 shots).

Powell Street cable car #21, near Union Square, San Francisco (Summer, 1974).

Car #21 at Union Square, just having crossed Geary St., St. Francis Hotel is at the left.

California Street cable car #58 heading west towards Van Ness Avenue.

Cable car #58 at California & Larkin.

Cable car #58 at California & Jones Streets (October 1974).

Inside the cable car powerhouse (Washington/Mason), October, 1974.

Two more views along the Powell Street lines, on the downhill slope
towards the wharf, in October, 1974.

Cars 24 & 18 at the Powell / Market turntable, December, 1974.

California St. car #49 at California & Grant (February, 1976).

Powell / Hyde car 24 climbing the hill north of Union Square (February, 1976).

Four more photos added, these were taken in January, 1981.

Powell & Market turntable.

Approaching Union Square.

The steep final leg of the trip down to Fisherman's Wharf.

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