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Chicago Transit Authority - February, 1977

A few shots of the CTA, on a brief visit to Chicago. Though I did ride every line from
end to end, I just got these at the time, as a lot of my riding was after dark.
Also visit the special page for the CSS&SB and the Skokie line.

One of the then-new stations on the line to Jefferson Park
via expressway median (2/18/77). Both shots at the same station.

CTA vintage 54th/Cermak station, Douglas Branch (2/18/77).

L Station, Wabash Avenue, Chicago (2/18/77).

L train on the loop, Chicago, IL (2/18/77).

Belmont station, Howard / Kimball lines, Chicago, IL (2/18/77).

Subway station entrance on State Street, central shopping area, Chicago, IL (2/22/77).

Lake Street L train crossing over the Chicago River (2/22/77).

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