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Erie-Lackawanna Waldwick, NJ color set (1970-1971)

All photos on this page taken in Waldwick, NJ (my residence at the time).

Ex-DL&W EMD GP7 1405 at Waldwick yard, July, 1970.

Port Jervis-bound train 57 arrives at Waldwick station (late summer, 1970).
The vintage Erie coaches on Port Jervis runs sported yellow window trim.

E8 number 824, at Waldwick yard, late summer, 1970.

Westbound train 1163 heading north on the (then) 4-tracked Main Line
with 11 coaches, on Waldwick curve just south of town.
Photo taken from the Wyckoff Ave. bridge (looking south) in late summer, 1970.

E8 824 at Waldwick yard, late summer, 1970.

E8 823 on train 77, the westbound (north actually through here) Saturday Port Jervis run
at Waldwick station, late summer, 1970.

Train 57 pulls out of Waldwick station, late summer, 1970.

Eastbound extra thunders through Waldwick with tonnage, just south of tower,
on a Sunday afternoon, headed by 3600 series EMD SDP45 units, late summer, 1970.
Freight and non-stopping express trains usually used the inner pair of tracks.

E8 leading northbound Port Jervis run just south of Waldwick, late summer, 1970.
Limitations of the box camera's slow shutter speed are apparent.

E-L GP7 1238 on eastbound Suffern-Hoboken train 1138 at Waldwick, July, 1971,
pulling ex-AT&SF silver coaches.

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