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"City Garden" - Home - July 29, 2012 - Wilkes-Barre, PA

My small city garden, behind the house. Due to the big garage, we just have a small
triangular piece of land on one side, but I've put it to good use this year.
At the very left are a few kuri squash plants, growing right off the wall and onto the pavement.
Next, an area of scallions. To the right of that, about a 3' x 6' area of cucumbers,
which have done very well if you look at the last photo. Next, a few pepper plants just before
getting to the big stand of tomato plants. The tomatoes are doing very well, there are probably
150 tomatoes in there, if not more, some of them a good size. I cut back quite a few of the
non-flowering stems to give the tomatoes more breathing room, and so that they are more visible.
Hanging off the back gutter are two topsy-turvy tomato planters with cherry tomatoes,
and to the far right, several more kuri squash plants in a much larger space of their own.









Our fig tree "bush" at the side of the house, it's doing well this year, and we've already had a few ripe ones.


The front hedge and flower area along the driveway, it sure needs another trimming right now.


Some of the cucumbers already picked, that small area was very productive in just about 7 weeks from seed.


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