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More Boston Photos

Here are some more Boston photos, also taken in 1977 & '78.
Most of these were scanned from 8x10 black & white prints and reduced 50% before posting them here.
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Students huddled in front of Park Street Station in the rain

Climber scaling Harvard stadium at dusk

The Queen Elizabeth II in port

Contrast of expressway and trainyard on west side

Girls at the office where I worked at the time

In front of a store downtown on Washington Street

At the entrance to Boston Common at Tremont Street

Girl catching a frisbee in Boston Common

Girl selling cards at Park St. station, Boston Common

View of South Station, Boston

Downstairs in Copley Square Station

Forgotten scarf in Copley Square station

Girl at the office sending a "telex"

View in Allston, west side along Commonwealth Ave

View in Boston Common

At the produce market, North End

Flower stand in an alley downtown

At a small bookstore downtown near Government Center

Downtown view, near Boston Common

Small boats and piles of pallets at the docks

View from the docks with the sun gleaming off the Federal Reserve Building

View on the east side with traffic in the Storrow Drive cut

Boats along the docks, east side

A meter maid caught in the act

People relaxing during lunch hour near Faneuil Hall

Mounted cop downtown on Washington Street

At the North End prduce market

Streetcar tracks along Commonwealth Avenue

Growing contraband in someone's apartment window, Allston

Greek food stand at produce market, north end

Candid view at a shop downtown

The janitor's daughter, at an apartment complex where I lived in Brookline

At a flower stand, downtown Boston

Cemetary on Tremont Street

Hare Krishna folks in the Boston Common

Girl with dog in Boston common

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