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Boston Art Photos

Here are some of my "art" photos, taken in 1977 & '78 while in Boston studying photography.
I had a small darkroom in my tiny apartment on 217 Kelton St. and I slept on on "loft" bed right above it. The photos are not in sequential order, but I am putting a caption on these.
These were scanned from 5x7 black & white prints and reduced 25% before posting them here.
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Violinist in a subway station

Subway turnstiles

Front of "Green Line" streetcar

Christmas decorations in a storefront window

Downtown in front of Jordan Marsh

Police car & mountie in front of Jordan Marsh

Lionel Hampton performing during a Jazz festival in a theatre near Copley square

Park Street station entrance at the edge of Boston Common

Downtown at Government Center when the blizzard of '78 began, at rush hour Friday

Streetcar later that evening on Commonwealth Avenue, Allston

Next day after the storm, at the main intersection in Allston

Downtown, after construction of rain canopies, in front of Barnes & Noble

Some Irish kids whooping it up in Southie (S.Boston) on St. Patrick's Day

Groucho finger art on a whitewashed window downtown

Girl at her neat desk at the office where I worked at the time

At the produce market, North End

At the produce market, North End

A store display

One of the receptionists at the office where I worked at the time

Store Christmas display

Store Christmas display

Store Christmas display

A view of Boston, downtown in the main business area

Statuary/lamp on the side of a business building downtown

70's cars parked near the piers, east end of Boston

The Queen Elizabeth II in port

More 70's cars near the piers

Tank car along the tracks near South Station

Lonely little dog at a tenament vestibule

Twilight view of Boston from the Charles River

Downtown, along Tremont Street in winter

Graveyard along Tremont St. near the statehouse

Another view of downtown Boston

Inside the Park Street subway station

Giving away free cigarettes downtown

Giving away free cigarettes downtown

In front of Barnes & Noble, Washington St., during re-bricking

Demolition of the Jordan Marsh annex store

News-seller at Park St. station/Tremont St./Boston Common

News-seller at North End produce market (Italian area)

Another view of Friday eve rush hour, just when the Blizzard of '78 hit

Cars nearly buried the next day in Allston

Digging out, a few days later

The building where I had a tiny apartment back then, just after the storm

Digging out, in the alley between the buildings

Mostly buried cars, with no traffic on the street yet, a day or so later

Cross-country skiing on the trolley tracks on the median of Commonwealth Ave

Allston/Commonwealth Ave area, digging out a day or so later

Downtown Allston, a day or so after the storm

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