Welcome... This page includes photos from a trip to Mexico in December 1975-January 1976.  They were scanned from the original 3x5 prints. To see a photo full size, right click on it and choose the "view image" option (works with most browsers). The full size image will already be in your cache. I chose these for their age rather than their inherent photo quality...enjoy

Mazatlan                     Mazatlan

 Along ocean, Mazatlan                           Public Market, Mazatlan


                          Public Market, Mazatlan


                                           Public Market, Mazatlan

Guadalajara            Guadalajara

                     Bar in Guadalajara                      Garden in Guadalajara

Mexico City           Mexico City

Museum Crypt, Mexico City         Boy selling flutes, Mexico City

Mexico City

                     Old women at church, Mexico City


                          Ceremonial Ruins, Teotihuacan


                        Aztec Pyramid at Teotihuacan 


                      Quetzlcoatl carvings, Teotihuacan


                                      Taxco, Mexico

Below are some trains and streetcars seen along the trip, hunting these down was also one of my hobbies.

Ciudad Juarez   Mexico City

     Diesel rail car train at Ciudad Juarez            Streetcar suburban line in Mexico City

The following were all taken in Vera Cruz, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, the line was so antiquated and seems like a journey into the past.

Vera Cruz         Vera Cruz

                  Vera Cruz                                              Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz          Vera Cruz

                  Vera Cruz                                             Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz          Vera Cruz

                      Old open car                                 The carbarn

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