Welcome.... This page includes photos taken in 1975 & 1976 in the Bay Area (San Francisco) and other areas throughout the west. These were scanned from the original 3x5 prints. They were chosen for the time period they represent rather than their inherent photo quality. To see an image full-size, right click on it and then click "view image" (works with most browsers). You will already have the full size image in your cache. Hit "reload" if any photos do not appear the first time.

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Jefferson Starship         Jefferson Starship

 Jefferson Starship, Golden Gate Park 9/75                          Jefferson Starship

Grace Slick         Grateful Dead

                  Jefferson Starship                                   Grateful Dead at same event (9/75)

Golden Gate Fog         Pigeon Point Lighthouse

  Fog obscuring Golden Gate Bridge 7/75                      Pigeon Point Lighthouse 7/75

Rafting on SF Bay         Rosicrucian Gardens

  Rafting on San Francisco Bay (me) 7/75             Rosicrucian Gardens, San Jose, CA 7/75

Portland Zoo         Silverton, Colo

           Portland, OR Zoo   4/75                                       Silverton, Colorado   4/75

Durango, Colo         El Paso, Texas

           Durango, Colorado  4/75                                          El Paso, Texas  4/75

SF Trolleybuses                         Grand Canyon

     Trolleybus yard, San Francisco 7/75                              Grand Canyon  4/75

Grand Canyon         Cholla

              Grand Canyon   4/75                                 Cholla in Arizona, near Phoenix  4/75

Las Vegas         Las Vegas

                 Las Vegas   12/75                                               Las Vegas   12/75

Hoover Dam       Colorado River     Freedom Train

Hoover Dam 12/75     Colorado River  12/75   American Freedom Train, San Francisco  12/75

Palace of Fine Arts         Christo's Fence

 Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco 12/75           Christo's Fence, Sonoma County, CA 9/76

Rural north coast         SF Flyover

     Rural north coast California  9/76                   Flying over S.F. in single engine plane 6/76

Shasta Flyover           Sacramento River

  Flying on west side of Mt. Shasta 7/76            Sacramento River south of Dunsmuir, CA 2/76

Dunsmuir, CA         Mt. Shasta

              Dunsmuir, CA   2/76                                           Mt. Shasta, CA  2/76

Mt. Shasta       Redwoods     Redwoods

       Mt. Shasta, CA  (me)   2/76                        Redwoods near Crescent City, CA  2/76

Redwoods  Renaissance Faire Renaissance Faire

  Redwoods   2/76       Renaissance Faire, San Rafael, CA 9/76         Renaissance Faire 9/76

                Vancouver Island, BC                 Victoria, BC

        Vancouver Island, BC   7/76                                 Victoria, BC   7/76

BC Railway            BC Railway  
British Columbia steam train, Squamish, BC 7/76          BCR train, Squamish, BC 7/76

BC Railway            Horseshoe Bay, BC

     BCR steam train, Squamish, BC 7/76            Horseshoe Bay, near Vancouver, BC 7/76

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