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Erie-Lackawanna Gladstone branch, 8/9/71

These were all taken on August 9, 1971, along the single-tracked electrified Gladstone Branch.
A few of these photos were color but badly developed and I converted them to B&W,
hence a bit more grainy on those specific ones (1,2,3 and the last photo).
I carried two separate box cameras on some of these trips, using color for the best shots.

Morning Gladstone-bound local vintage MU at Lyons, NJ.

MU train at Lyons, NJ, seen from the parking lot.

MU at Bernardsville, NJ, work train at left.

Tracks east of Bernardsville, NJ.

Looking west at tunnel/bridge towards Peapack, NJ.

Looking eastbound, east of Peapack, NJ, note orange (center) block signal.

Peapack, NJ, station, looking westbound.

Switch stand east of Gladstone, NJ, at yard limit.

Approach to Gladstone over bridge, single track fans out.

Portion of 4-car train, at the end of the line in Gladstone, NJ.

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