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E-L Hoboken, NJ general B&W photos, 1970-71

A portion of the exterior of Hoboken Terminal (north side), January 2, 1970.

E-L private office car, labeled #1, with compartments & map of the E-L system (1/2/70).

Looking outward from the Hoboken trainshed, an arriving Alco-led train can be seen
in the distance. At the right, the terminal tower is visible. (1/2/70)

E-L switcher 423 at work, moving Erie coaches. (1/2/70)

Looking in towards the trainshed, 2 MU's just ahead, track numbers above canopy. (1/2/70)

MU train (vintage 1930) at Hoboken station under shed. (1/2/70)

Phoebe Snow tavern lounge (rear car), vintage 1949, from the train of the same name
which was discontinued in 1966. Still in storage in Hoboken on 1/2/70.

Three tugboats at the end of track 15, named "Hoboken", "Utica" & "Buffalo". (1/2/70)

Alco RS3 #927 heads a departing Main Line train on track 4, just before the 3:30PM
departure time, on December 28, 1970, at Hoboken terminal.

Grove Street interlocking tower, west of Hoboken, controlling movements
to and from the East Portal of the Bergen Hill tunnels. (2/19/71)

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