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Nearing the end of the "Lake Cities" - January 2, 1970

The "Lake Cities" Hoboken-Chicago train was the last interstate train operated
by the E-L, and both eastbound & westbound trains made their last departures from
Hoboken & Chicago on January 4, 1970, to arrive at their destinations the next day.
Except for the last picture (taken on 12/28/70 of the "Spirit of Youngstown" car),
all of these were taken on January 2, 1970, just two days before the final runs.
A few are of the arrival of train 6, the "Lake Cities" from Chicago on track 15,
Hoboken, NJ, which was about 7 hours late due to a derailment and bad winter weather.

Baggage car, used on one of the final "Lake Cities" trips.

Through coaches used on the final "Lake Cities" trips.

"Kittatinny" Pullman, used on one of the last "Lake Cities" trips.

The "Lake Cities", train #6 pulls into Hoboken on track 15, seven hours late
on January 2, 1970, just 2 days before the final runs. Engine 825 is back-to-back
with another E8, followed by 7 cars, a diner, a pullman, 4 more coaches,
and a baggage car at the end. About 50 people disembarked.

The side of #6 still had a bit of snow, shown here are the last 3 coaches
and the baggage car being unloaded at the rear.

Interior of an E-L dining car, not the one that just arrived.

Interior of the dining car of #6, that had just arrived.

View of the dining car kitchen.

"Spirit of Youngstown" sleeping car, still on the property almost a year later. (12/28/70)

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