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Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, November 20, 2010 - Part II

This tourist line operates out of Jim Thorpe, PA, mostly on weekends, and offers a 16 mile
round trip up the Lehigh River gorge on old CNJ & LV trackage.

Crossing the Lehigh River we look south, back towards Jim Thorpe...

...and then north.

The second bridge crosses over Norfolk Southern trackage.

At this point, parallel to the route are both portals to an old CNJ tunnel,
before the route was re-aligned years ago.

Plenty of rock formations along the way.

The remnant of an old signal tower as we look towards the river rapids...

...and then a Canadian Pacific freight passes us on the left side of the train.

An old oil pipeline which once carried oil from Oil City, PA to Linden, NJ now carries fiber optic cables... we round the sharpest curve on the line.

At the end of our trip at Old Penn Haven, our loco passes us to re-couple on the other end for the trip back.

Now the caboose and open air car are just behind the engine.

You can see the flanged wheels from the caboose vestibule.

Several more pieces of old equipment...

...and some relics of bygone days, as we prepare to pull into the Jim Thorpe station once again.

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