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No rail-oriented site would be complete without a link collection. I have just gotten around to this in December, 2010.
Some of these sites are well-known and have been sites I've frequented for years, while others are some of the
"smaller guys" which I learned about on various mailing lists and message boards.
This is not meant to be a lengthy list, but includes quite a few sites worthy of note...
Many sites will have their own link collection, so you can take it from there and keep finding new places to visit.
There is no "ranking order" here, I have just posted them in the order I found them in my bookmarks.
Send me an email if you wish to add a link here.

Please come back often to check for new additions...

All links will open in a new tab or window, simply close the pages you are navigating to return here.

First of all, if you are looking for rail links, check out the huge list of over 17,000 links at Directory

General rail photo collection sites (current and defunct roads):

NERAIL Archives - Over 160,000 photos from all time periods and rail lines, submitted by contributors - Articles, photos, history. Covers all the US, past & present - great site
RailPictures.Net - Boasts over 300,000 photos (mostly newer), very nice site search engine - find exactly what you are looking for - homepage - links, forums, sponsored sites - access to over a million photos
Rick's Rail Archive - Over 69,000 photos to browse by alphabetical index pages
Northwestern Pacific - History and many photos of this line in Northern California
California Zephyr - A site devoted entirely to this historic train
Chicago Rail Junctions - In depth information on Chicago area junctions, as well as terminals
Railroad Picture Archives - Large collection from a variety of roads and dates
GodFatherRails - Highly recommended - includes many photos from the waning days of steam
Jerry's Home Page - Good collection - diesel, steam, traction and links
Railroad History - A Childrens' Guide - Train info for kids, plus they sell train horn kits
Museum of Railway Timetables - Scans of Amtrak Timetables, from 1971 to (almost) the present
Nick Ariemma Railroad Photos - Various well-organized recent collections, northeast and elsewhere

Northeast Fallen Flags and shortlines (including current operations):

Fallen Flag Railroad Photos - Huge photo resource covering Fallen Flag lines (no thumbnails)
The Blue Comet - Great site covering Fallen Flags in the Northeast and more - - with photos and text
Lehigh Valley - - Check out their photos under the photo directory link - This site excels with an interactive CNJ map and lots of photos/information - mostly PA.
Garden State Model RR Club - Photos and information on the Lackawanna Cutoff and other NJ area lines
Joshua K Blay - Photos of the Susquehanna northern division and other lines in upstate New York
Northeast - Links and over 30,000 photos, many roster photos of individual engines of fallen flag roads
Mark's RR Related Stuff - Interesting information, particularly about the Pennsylvania RR
Lehigh Valley Railroad Survivors - Tours & photos along the LV lines, past & present
Abandoned Railroads - History/photos - many lines in upstate NY and other fallen flags
Don's Erie-Lackawanna Page - Brief site with a few photos and timetable information
Fred's Erie Railroad Page - Erie information, including the Greenwood Lake branch, steam roster, and more
Reading Railroad Online - Site devoted to the former Reading Company of Pennsylvania
DL&W Structures - Flickr site of Lackawanna Stations from photos and postcards
Gray Trainpix - Erie-Lackawanna site primarily: photos, forms, and about the "decline"
Kearney Photos - Greenwood Lake - Devoted to the former Erie Greenwood Lake Branch, includes photos & timetables
Southern Railroad Company of NJ - Operating on former fallen flag trackage, good set of photos
Kodtrak Kountry - Northeast fallen flags including the O&W, plus some steam action in China
PA's Northern Anthracite Coal Field - Lots of coal mine info & 1000+ scanned anthracite region RR schedules spanning 150+ years - see link at right
Existing RR stations in NY State - Encyclopedic archive, with photos, of NY State existing (remaining) railroad stations
New England Depot - Mainly a photo site of New England Railroads, past and present
NYS&W Railroad Stations - A photo documentation of most of the remaining NYS&W stations

Transit / trolley / light rail oriented sites:

Dave's Electric Railroads - Vast photo and history site for everything about the New York City transit lines - Huge site with mostly very vintage trolley photos from all over the US
World - Beyond NYC to across the USA and around the world - great resource
NERAIL Transit Photo Archive - Currently over 6500 trolley/transit photos from contributors
Philadelphia Trolley Tracks - All about streetcars in Philadelphia - focus on the past: maps, photos, history
John Bell's (mostly) Rail Transit Pages - Nice collection of images and information, mostly trolley/light rail
The Third Rail - In-depth history blogs about transit in New York, see the 2001 2nd Avenue article in particular
Dayton Trollies - All about the trolleybus sytem in Dayton, Ohio - history, photos, rosters
Washington DC streetcars - Vintage photos taken by R. Hill
New York, Westchester & Boston - Great history site about this heavy interurban, abandoned in 1937
Indiana Interurban Remnants - Traces of the once extensive interurban lines - well documented
Laurel Line Relics - Traces of the L&WV in NEPA, go to their home page for more information
Lake Shore Rail Maps - Lake Shore Electric (Ohio) - click a blue marker and "more information" for extensive photo galleries/history
Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton - Northeast Railfan's page on this long-defunct interurban.
NJ Bus Map - Though not rail, this map may be interesting if you grew up or live in NJ - nice work.
Cincinnati Subway System - A bit of history and photos of this never-completed line
Al Mankoff's Trolley Treasures - Public Service (NJ) photos, including Palisades Incline & Newark terminal
Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee - Site devoted to the North Shore Line
Lake Forest North Shore Collection - College site devoted to the North Shore Line
The Subway Nut - Many excellent line-by-line photos from all over the NY metro area
Godwin's Past - Good resource on defunct Michigan interurbans
Weehawken Time Machine - Postcards from Weehawken NJ's past, including some rail
Gino's Railpage - Great site on Capital District (NY) trollies, especially the Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville
Chicago Transit & Railfan - Extensive railfan present & historic info, Chicago & beyond, covering the entire US
LIRR Train Schedule Simulator - Accelerated Java animation of trains moving along the Long Island lines
Chicago, Aurora & Elgin - Devoted to the CA&E, lots of photos/history - requires free registration
MBTA Blue Line - Flickr photo set of the Boston Blue Line
Philadelphia Area Traction - Lots of transit/trolley photos from the Philadelphia area
Pittsburgh Transit History - Many photos taken over the years by a now-retired transit employee
American Public Transportation Association - Links to city/regional transportation sites all over the USA
DC Metro Map & Train Locator - Real-time map showing the progress of trains in the DC area
Key Rail Pix - Devoted to the Key System rail lines in the San Francsico Bay Area
Abandoned Stations - Devoted to abandoned stations on the New York City transit system
The Joe Korner - Lots of photos/info, primarily of the NYC transit system
BMT Lines - Site devoted to the historic BMT lines in New York City
Light Rail Central - Photos and information covering all of North America
Subways 2020 - "What if" fantasies for the future of NYC area transit
Hudson Tubes - All about the PATH system - formerly the Hudson & Manhattan Tubes
Streetcar Mike - Transportation photography - primarily of the San Francisco Bay Area

Noteworthy Videos:

Third Avenue El - Video from 1950 (Prelinger Archives) - New York City
March of Progress - Video from 1945 (Prelinger Archives) - Key System (San Francisco/East Bay)
Before the Fire - Video from 1906 (Prelinger Archives) - Trip down Market St., San Francisco) - Railfan video streaming site, programs are changed each week
The Bamberger - A video overview of the Bamberger RR, an interurban that once ran in the Salt Lake City area
Agnes 1972 - While minimally rail-related, this site has footage of the hard-hit NEPA area after this 1972 hurricane

Museum oriented sites and societies:

Steamtown - Scranton, PA - No introduction needed here...
Electric City Trolley Museum - Scranton, PA. - be sure to check out the H J Adamcik photo collection of Philly cars
Anthracite Railroads Historical Society - Society site - some photos and online newsletters
Bridge Line Historical Society - Society site - history and quite a few photos of the Delaware & Hudson
NARP - National Association of Railroad Passengers - lobbyist group
Rochester & Genessee Valley RR Museum - Operates trolley equipment and vintage diesels - nice photo gallery/history
Market Street Railway - Society which operates historic streetcar equipment in San Francsico
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania - Site includes a lot of information and links to archives
Orange Empire Railway Museum - Be sure to browse their collections and visit the links page as well
Buffalo Central Terminal - Preservation & history of this historic terminal in Buffalo, NY
Western Railway Museum - Another great trolley-oriented operation in Northern California
Light Rail Now - Lobbyist site, but a good deal of photos, news, statistics and lists
Railway - Consultants, but with a good deal of photos, on US trolley/rail lines
NYO&W Historical Society - Great site, lots of photos & information on this line abandoned in 1957
Illinois Traction Society - All about the Illinois Terminal Railroad, be sure to click on "The Plat" link too
PRSL Historical Society - Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines (NJ) - includes several photo archives under members' pages
Brooklyn Historic Rail Association - A bit dated (defunct Red Hook project) - but has photos & info on the 1844 Atlantic Ave LIRR tunnel as well

Forum / discussion and technical (history) oriented sites:

Online Spotters Guide - Index of diesel locomotives, with photos and technical information - Extensive information, photos, survivors - also check out "last of steam" about 1/2 way down the site map
Penn Pilot Photo Centers - Extensive vintage aerial photography for the state of Pennsylvania
Erie Lackawanna E-mail list photo archive - Plain text links to photos posted on this board, well over 1500 Forums - Quite an active message board covering many rail-related interests
Railroad Index Page - Big collection of historic documents and timetables: Erie/DL&W/E-L
Erie Historic Information - Detailed Erie track alignments, New Jersey metro area
NYNH&H Steam - A to Z - Everything about steam on the New Haven line
The GG1 Homepage - All about the Pennsylvania Railroad's famed GG1 electric locmotives

International sites: - Transit information, photos and maps from around the globe - Maintains galleries of photos submitted by members around the world
Railography - British site with rail photos from various countries
Ktransit - Besides the US, quite a few photos from various countries
Light Rail Transit Association - Primarily maintains comprehensive lists of world transit, some photos

Noteworthy Wikipedia pages:

Steam Locomotives - History & technical, worldwide
Former streetcar operators in New Jersey - History
List of Public Service streetcar lines - Historical listing
New Jersey Streetcar Lines - Mainly a list of links to other wikis
Light Rail in the US - Mainly a list of links to other wikis
Wikipedia has come along very well as a resource for railfans, you can generally find just about anything.
There are articles about most railroads and transit lines, even long-defunct lines,
as well as comprehensive information on just about any type of locomotive.

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