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UGI Gas area spur - CNJ Nanticoke Branch - 5/21/2013 - Wilkes-Barre, PA

The CNJ Nanticoke Branch ran from Gardners switch in Plains to Nanticoke and Wanamie.
This short industrial spur branched off this line a bit north of Casey Ave and continued to what is now the UGI Penn
Gas Company property. We start at the intersection of South Empire and South Streets (in the woods across the street)
and continue diagonally southeast. The spur ends after a couple hundred feet or so, where some of it has become buried.
Beyond that point, the land has been bulldozed and/or cleared.

In the first photo, South Empire St is at the left, and we are looking north towards the UGI buildings,
fenced in to the right and further ahead. One track (shown here) continues a bit more outside the fenced area.
This is the fence which is deeper into the property, as now there's another (newer) fence along the street and the small parking area.


Two more pairs of tracks lead through the fenced-in area, and the second one still has a gate.



Turning around towards the south, we begin following the line into the woods.


The westernmost tracks (the outer tracks in the first picture) are seen merging towards the tracks we are following...




...and the third pair a bit further down the line.



Walking further, the single track continues for a distance, but soon sections become missing, mangled and and buried at times.
Then nothing more can be found.



Here's a map of the vicinity, the segment we have just explored is the white line at the upper right.


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