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Mexico via rail, New Year's week: 1975 - 1976

I departed from Nogales, Mexico on 12/28/75 for a week-long trip via rail
through Mexico, leaving just before dusk and arriving in Mazatlan the next day.
After a brief visit there, here are the rail shots of the rest of the trip.

The FCP (Ferrocarril del Pacifico) station at Mazatlan, getting ready for the trip south (12/30/75).

Southbound train prior to departure from the FCP depot, Mazatlan (12/30/75).

Travelers at a local stop along the FCP route south of Mazatlan (12/30/75).

Waiters enter the FCP dining car (12/30/75).

FCP club car, a comfortable place to relax (12/30/75).

Our train rounds a curve in the hills southeast of Tepic, Mexico (12/30/75).

Between Tepic & Guadalajara.

Plunging into one of the many tunnels in the mountainous region west of Tequila (Jalisco).

Joint FCP / N de M station at Guadalajara, Mexico (12/31/75).

Platforms at the Guadalajara station.

Departing from the Buenavista (Mexico City) station, Sunday night, January 4, 1976.

The arrival at the platform in Vera Cruz, Mexico, on the morning of January 5, 1976.

View of the vicinity of the Vera Cruz terminal, outside the trainshed.

Outside of the Buenavista station, now back in Mexico City on 1/6/76.

Outside view of a Pullman at Buenavista station (Mexico City), 1/6/76,
when I was getting ready for the return trip to the U.S. - I actually rode coach
the entire trip, but first class coach, which was a lot less crowded.

Interior view of an N de M Pullman car of the time (1/6/76).

Back at the Nogales terminal (at the Arizona border) on Jan. 7, 1976,
it will be time to begin the drive home (to San Fran.) after walking across the border.

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