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Mexico City transit scenes - January, 1976

Tlatelolco Metro station (Mexico City), New Year's Day, 1976.

Train at Tlatelolco Metro station (1/1/76), note rubber wheels.

Train at Tlatelolco Metro station (1/1/76).

Train at Observatorio Metro station (1/1/76).

Two trains meet at Observatorio Metro station (1/1/76).

Viaducto Metro station, along Avenida Tlalpan (1/6/76).

Train arriving at Viaducto Metro station (1/6/76).

Viaducto station seen from across the street, the only above-ground section of the Metro (1/6/76).

PCC streetcar, along Avenida Cuahtemoc in Mexico City's south side (1/6/76).

Obregon Insurgentes PCC car at the southern terminus near University City (1/6/76).

PCC on a side street near downtown Mexico City (1/6/76 near dusk).

Mexico City trolleybus, south side of city. There were only a few of these lines (1/6/76).
According to reliable sources, it's an ex-Johnstown (St. Louis Car Company) built unit.

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