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Vera Cruz (Mexico) streetcars - January, 1976

The Vera Cruz streetcar system was an antique museum on wheels, with ancient cars
all believed to be originally from the USA. Service was gradually cut back and then
completely discontinued on August 16, 1981. All lines were single-tracked
and ran as "belt"-type routes, only in a single-direction on a given street (curbside).

Three ancient Vera Cruz streetcars adjacent to the railroad station on January 5, 1976.
Car #103 is an American Car Company 1920 single-truck "Birney" car purchased
by the Vera Cruz system from El Paso, Texas in 1935.
This station stop had a double-tracked passing siding area.

Main shopping area along Avenida Independencia (1/5/76).
Car 603 was purchased from Mexico City in 1960.
The line on Avenida Independencia was closed in April, 1976.

Car #603 left-running along Avenida Independencia, downtown (1/5/76).

Passengers inside one of the old orange streetcars (1/5/76), a favorite shot of mine.

Ancient single-truck open-sided car along the Cortes Lerdo line,
adjacent to the railroad station (1/5/76). This may be one of the 18 cars
they ordered directly from Brill (or got from Philadelphia) between 1911-1914,
depending on by whom the story was told.

Interior of the open-sided car.

Vera Cruz trolley carbarn (cochera), corner of Uribe & Pages (1/5/76).
These cars in the 41-48 series were purchased from Hartford, CT in 1940.

Controls and fare box in one of the old cars at the barn (1/5/76).

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