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Montclair, NJ (ex-DL&W) Station - July, 1969

Here are 6 photos of the electrified Montclair, NJ station, a branch line of the
former DL&W Morris & Essex division into Montclair which was an elaborate suburban terminal,
and the end of the line for the MU trains here. This station had 6 tracks.
In 1980, a new station was opened to the east, when the lower portion of this branch was
connected to the former Erie line, eliminating the need for this stub-end terminal and its
adjunct tower, trackage & yard. Electrification on the former Erie line was eventually
extended to Great Notch, and a good-sized new station built at Montclair State University.
Shortly after 1980, this site was reconfigured for other uses. The parking lot still exists.
The station structure, fountain and even a few track canopies were melded into the design
of a supermarket/mini-mall at the former station location. All of the catenary structures,
extended platforms, coal/freight buildings, concrete tower and freight yard bumpers east of the
Grove Street overpass were cleared away, and the area is now a parking lot with upscale
condos/apartment complexes further to the east.
(Thanks to Tri-State Tom for the additional info)

These were all taken in July, 1969, with the exception of the last photo of Summit, NJ,
which was taken in 1971.

Eastbound MU train #510 (Morristown-Hoboken) at Summit, NJ, on August 9, 1971.

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