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Montreal, Quebec - March 5-8, 1977

Entry to the Montreal, Quebec metro station "Champ-de-Mars" (3/5/77).

Seen from above, a Montreal metro train at the Honore-Beaugrand Station (3/6/77).
These trains run via third rail but use rubber wheels, as does the Mexico City metro.

Montreal metro train at the Honore-Beaugrand Station, terminus of the line (3/6/77).

Metro train departing the Honore-Beaugrand Station (3/6/77).

Fashion billboard at the Honore-Beaugrand metro station (3/6/77).

Another view of a train at the Honore-Beaugrand station (3/6/77).

Shops in the mezzanine of the Berri-de-Montigny Metro station (3/6/77).

Another Metro station filled with indoor boutiques & restaurants (3/6/77).

Near the Montreal Canadian National station, a view of the electrified
Deux-Montagnes commuter line (3/8/77).

Canadian Pacific Windsor Station, March 8, 1977.

Interior of the CP Windsor Station (3/8/77).

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