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Erie-Lackawanna MU cars Hoboken B&W set (1970-1971)

The photos on this page were all taken at the Erie-Lackawanna Hoboken Terminal.
This first photo was taken on January 2, 1970, these vintage cars date from 1930.

Car 3588 taken on January 2, 1970.

Interior of an MU commuter club car, note the cushioned wicker seats and ash trays.(1/2/70)

Classic pantograph shot of vintage ex-DL&W MU car.(12/28/70)

Combination MU coach / baggage car 3406.(12/28/70)

Gladstone-bound train just before a late-afternoon departure.(12/28/70)

At the western end of the passenger yard, MU motor 4614 sports its cow-catcher.(2/19/71)

Three MU trains wait in silence at the Henderson Street end of Hoboken Terminal.(2/19/71)

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