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San Francisco Municipal Railway - 1974

The first 4 shots were taken in the summer of 1974, using my brownie box camera,
shortly before retiring it. I only had these poor-quality prints to work with,
as the negatives were lost. The last 2 (and all later sets) are color using a 35mm camera.

Girl boarding "J Church" line car at south end of Mission Dolores park.
This was my very first MUNI photo, taken in the summer of 1974.

2 views of PCC's on Market Street (downtown at 3rd Street) in the summer of 1974.

Another Market Street view downtown, with the Ferry Building visible in the distance.

Along Market Street in front of the Emporium, just before Christmas (December, 1974).

Also around Christmas (December, 1974), near 6th and Market.

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