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San Francisco Municipal Railway - 1975 / 1976

Four views around the Transbay Terminal, September, 1975.

MUNI PCC signed "X-11th Street" at Church & Army, September, 1975.
Cars not making the through trip all the way to Transbay Terminal
reversed direction at the turnaround wye at 11th & Market (near Van Ness).

Lotta's Fountain, at 3rd & Market, in place since the 1880's.

3rd & Market, on a September, 1975 weekday at around 1:30 PM, looking outbound.

Ex-Toronto PCC inbound at 3rd & Market around 5:30 PM on a rainy February evening, 1976.

MUNI PCC in Bicentennial paint, just after leaving Transbay Terminal, February, 1976.

MUNI PCC in Bicentennial paint near First & Market, rush-hour, February, 1976.

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