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San Francisco Municipal Railway - 1981-82 (Part 2)

One of the antiquated trolleybus route signs still hangs on a pole on outer Market Street.
Looking inbound, the now demolished double-decker freeway spur to Fell/Oak can be seen.

A Saturday in April, 1981, when the vintage PCC's could still be seen
ruling Market Street on the weekends.

MUNI Car #1, built in 1912, ran on the original "F" line (the streetcar predecessor to the
30-Stockton) as well as the Geary line (among others), and was retired in 1951.
Here are some photos of it running on a Saturday on Market Street
in April, 1981, as a predecessor to the later and extremely successful
"F Market" line which now features cars painted in many city schemes, and has been
extended all the way to the Embarcadero and Fisherman's Wharf.

Just above 3rd & Market (these next 7 photos were all taken on a Saturday in April, 1981).

Interior of the car.

On 11th Street, at the turnaround wye.

Just below 11th (and Van Ness).

At the Transbay Terminal.

A PCC on Market in July, 1981 near Van Ness.

Two PCC's pass on the outside set of tracks at Duboce & Market. The outside tracks
head onto Market Street for the surface trip downtown, while the inner (right-side)
tracks lead down the ramp to the MUNI subway under Market street (February, 1982).
I can remember the days before the subway was opened, passing through here on the "J"
line, when the new overhead for the tunnel was installed and gleamed almost like gold.

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