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Erie-Lackawanna Waldwick, NJ B&W E8 set (1969-1971)

The following are of the Erie-Lackawanna at Waldwick, NJ, featuring E8 engines.

Port Jervis-bound westbound local train 57, just before stopping at the
Waldwick, NJ station on a late afternoon in October, 1969.
This was before the pedestrian overpass footbridge was built,
and the underground tunnel walkway was still in use (later demolished).

Suffern-bound rush-hour train rounds the curves of the 4 track mainline just south of
Waldwick Station (taken from the Wyckoff Ave bridge) with 11 cars in October, 1969.

E8 #823 at the head end of a train of newly refurbished ex-Santa Fe cars, taken on a Sunday
in November, 1969, on weekend layover in the Waldwick, NJ yard. These cars would see their
first day of regular service running on train #1112 the next day.

Different perspective, taken at the same time as the above photo.

Another photo taken at the same time and place as the above 2 photos.
Waldwick, at that time, still had a turning wye for these engines.

The Port Jervis Christmas Eve special on December 24, 1969 stops at Waldwick Station.
The special (earlier) run left Hoboken at 1:30PM with its 9 vintage gold-striped coaches.

The Christmas train (above) leaving the station westbound, these vintage Erie coaches with
gold-striping around the windows were generally used only on Port Jervis runs.
Waldwick "WC" tower can be seen in the distance, as well as a signal tower.

Sooty E8 #825 in Waldwick yard (weekend layover) heading a train of ex-Santa Fe coaches,
which would become train #1112 on Monday A.M.. Taken in December, 1969.

E8 numbers 832 & 830 on weekend layover trains in the Waldwick, NJ yard, January, 1970.

E8 #826 side-by-side with Alco RS-2 #909 (weekend layover), Waldwick, NJ, January, 1970.

The passenger train weekend & overnight layover yard in Waldwick, NJ
on Saturday, May 2, 1970.
These trains terminated at Waldwick and were stored here until their next runs. On weekends,
they remained in place from Friday evening until Monday morning. Here, trains headed by E8
numbers 832 & 827 are seen in the foreground. Further back to the right is another E8, flanked
by an RS-3 and a GP-7 led train. A sixth train is hidden from view behind the second.
The yard usually accommodated up to 7 trains.

Side view of bulldog-nosed ex-Erie E8 #825 at Waldwick yard,
with its A-1-A trucks & airhorn. Photo taken in January, 1971.

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