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New Jersey Rails - May 19, 2009

Views at Pennsylvania Station, Newark, NJ (5/19/09)

Views at the Newark, NJ ex-DL&W Broad Street station (5/19/09)

Another view back at Newark, NJ Penn Station on track 1 (5/19/09)

On the ex-Erie Greenwood Lake line, just north of Great Notch, NJ station,
we look north to the current end of the catenary (5/19/09)

Ex-Erie Great Notch, NJ station, now under catenary (5/19//09)

Catenary along the line between Montclair State University and Great Notch (5/19/09)

View of push-pull electric train arriving at end point (employee terminal)
just north of Montclair State University station (5/19/09)

Two views of Montclair State University station (NJ Transit), the latter
showing a diesel push-pull unit arriving at the station. (5/19/09)

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