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New Orleans Public Service - February, 1977

New Orleans Public Service - the St. Charles Avenue trolley line on February 20, 1977.

Interior of a St. Charles Avenue streetcar.

Looking out the front window, people assembling for an early afternoon parade.
This was just a week or so before Mardi Gras, 1977.

Meeting an oncoming car near Napoleon Avenue.

The terminus of the line at South Carrolton Ave. & St. Claiborne Ave.,
showing the crossover tracks.

Another shot at the terminus of the line.

South Carrolton Avenue, side view of a car with a departing car in the distance.

Front view of car #972, also at South Carrolton Avenue.

Old track cleaner car #29, at Birch & Dublin near the shops.

Carbarn at Willow & Dublin, New Orleans, LA (2/20/77).

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