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New York City Transit - July, 2007

"Temporary" World Trade Center PATH station, situated right in the "crater".

You can see some of the work being done in the "crater" through the fencing.

Streetside view of the construction area.

From the street, the WTC PATH station can be seen at the back of the photo.

51st Street (Lexington Avenue line) IRT station.

Views at the Coney Island refurbished BMT station.

82nd Street station along the 7-Flushing line (Roosevelt Ave., Queens) - 4 photos.

Nicely designed entry area to the Roosevelt / Broadway station in Queens,
and a transfer point between the IND subway and the 7-Line elevated.

Two photos of the north end of the Franklin Avenue shuttle. This station is single-tracked
and connects with the IND Fulton line.

Prospect Park (south end) of the Franklin Avenue shuttle, a train approaching the tunnel.
This tunnel may be the oldest on the subway system, dating back to around 1878.

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