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NYC & Newark, NJ Transit Scenes - May 18-19, 2009

Street scenes at Marcy Av station - BMT J line (5/18/09)

Broadway & Myrtle - BMT J Line
looking east showing M line branch tracks at left (5/18/09)

Broadway & Myrtle, looking west from east end of platform
showing abandoned upper level and tower (5/18/09)

Broadway & Myrtle, looking south from east end of platform, showing the
remaining couple blocks of the former Jay St line structure (5/18/09)

Looking north at Broadway & Myrtle, showing the merging of the M line
onto the structure as the level descends (5/18/09)

View under the M line at Myrtle & Wyckoff (5/18/09)

The M line turning off onto PRW territory near of Seneca Av station (5/18/09)

At the Forest Av station of the M line (5/18/09)

At Broadway Junction (J line), East New York (5/18/09)

Penn Station (Newark NJ) entrance to "City Subway" LRT line (5/19/09)

Penn Station (Newark NJ) platform of City Subway (5/19/09)

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