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Newark, NJ & NYC Transit Scenes- May 19-21, 2009

Broad St (northern terminus) of "new" Newark LRT line at DL&W station (5/19/09)

"New" Newark Broad St LRT line at NJPAC/Center St, also with a view
of the car emerging from the tunnel just south of the station (5/19/09)

IRT (Manhattan) West Side line at Cathedral Parkway (5/19/09)

7 Flushing express at end of line, Main St., Flushing (5/19/09)

Views of the abandoned section of the Myrtle Av elevated
just south of Broadway/Myrtle

The Myrtle Av line (M line) just above Broadway, before and after
the M line merges onto the structure (5/20/09)

The remodeled South Ferry station of the IRT 1 line (5/21/09)

Staten Island Rapid Transit trains at the stub end of the St George terminal (5/21/09)

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