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New York City Transit Musuem - July, 2007

The NYC Transit Museum is located at the Court Street station in Brooklyn, NY,
just west of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. This station was once used for a short IND shuttle
but was closed in 1946 and now houses the museum in its platform & mezzanine areas (since 1976).
The boy you see in the photos is my wife's nephew, along with me for the fun.

Street entrance to the old Court Street station (museum).

A display of some of the historic subway & transit signage.

Photos and models, depicting old street views, a trolleybus and streetcars.

A Brooklyn doctor at one time built this amazing set of wooden replicas of
all the streetcar types that ran in Brooklyn, now on display here.

On the lower (track) level of the station is a big collection of vintage subway cars,
most open for walking through and studying the various designs.
The signs in front of each car give historical descriptions.

An exhibit of turnstile / fare control equipment designs over the years in the mezzanine.

Old BRT (Brooklyn Elevated) "gate" cars on display at trackside down below again.

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