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Philadelphia & the South - 1983- 1988

Photos from Philadelphia & the South from 1983 -1988.

Several miscellaneous photos caught while traveling in this region...

Amtrak (ex-PRR) 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, PA, October 1983.

2 more shots taken in the vicinity of 30th St. station (10/83).

Amtrak Charlottesville, VA station, October, 1983.

Seaboard System freight near dusk, passing through central Florida (November, 1986).
By now, this system was technically already CSX.

Four views at Huntsville, Alabama in former Southern RR territory, taken September, 1988.

Seaboard engine and a few cars which look like living quarters in Ocala, Florida,
taken with a cheap temporary camera in September, 1979.

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