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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania revisited - April, 1989

Eleven years after the first set, here's a Pittsburgh re-visit in April, 1989.
By now, the subway and a new Monongahela Bridge (converted from a railroad bridge)
are in operation, and we see a lot more LRV's on the main routes.

Abandoned street-running trackage, unsure of location.

Three views at Inglewood on the Drake Line, now a busway without rail service.
The last PCC's in Pittsburgh ran on this line and were retired in September, 1999.

View of the new bridge (converted from RR use) used for the downtown lines (foreground).

New LRV departs Station Square, heading to the bridge & downtown subway.

Two 1989 views of Penn Station, with vintage cars outside in the first photo,
and some passenger activity inside on the platforms in the second photo.

1989 shots of the Monongahela Incline, that cell phone tower looks darn obtrusive...

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