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These first five pictures were sold to me as prints in the late 60's
by William S. Wilcox of Hamilton, NY.

Class I-1 #35 (4-6-0) Colgate University Football Special
southbound at Hamilton, NY - November, 1945

Class Y #408 (4-8-2) Light 400 Middletown, NY - July, 1947

GE 44 Ton Switcher #103 - Sidney, NY - September 5, 1948

EMD NW-2 1000 HP #117 Hamilton NY - August, 1948
Northbound Norwich-Rome local - First run of diesel on train

F-3 #822 (A+B Units) - 3000 HP, notice heating unit car behind B unit.
This was made from a class "Y" tender.
Northbound train #37 at Roscoe, NY - May 29, 1949 (summer-only service)

The following were taken by me while riding around NY-NJ via bicycle at age 15:

West Haverstraw, NY station area, looking north, seen from overpass, April 29, 1970
Boxcars are a Reading and a Penn-Central. Station at left was green, and seemed
to be serving as a freight office.

Another view of the West Haverstraw station on the same time & date.

Looking southbound further south in Haverstraw (4/29/70),
reconditioned station owned by local business renamed "Railroad Square".

Orangeburg, NY station on the West Shore (4/29/70), serving as a library at the time.

Abandoned West Norwoood station along the West Shore line
(4/29/70) at Broadway, West Norwood, NJ

Harrington Park, NJ station on the West Shore (4/29/70),
serving as a police station at the time.

These are scans of a West Shore Timetable dated April 27, 1947.
Scroll to the right (if need be) to see the entire image. Due to size,
I've divided it into 4 parts, the first 2 are the outer parts, and the
last 2 comprise the inner full-length section.
Note O&W trains listed: 101, 103, 105, 102, 104,
and in the Sunday section: 137, 103, 108, 136, 112.