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Rails in the South - 1993

Photos from the South from 1993.

Several miscellaneous photos caught while traveling/living in this region...

These were scanned from the only prints I had.

Downtown Orlando, Florida, a steam train on display (April, 1993).

The newer I-20 highway bridge (left), and the old narrow combination rail/highway bridge
(old U.S. 80) across the Mississippi River at Vicksburg, MS.
This line was the former 313-mile Illinois Central east-west line from Meridian, MS
to Shreveport, Louisiana. The IC divested itself of this line in
the early-80's to the newly formed Midsouth Rail Corporation.
The rail lines/stations in the Shreveport photos were also a part of Midsouth
by this time. The Kansas City Southern bought & restored this line in 1994.

The old Central Station (ex-IC) at Shreveport, LA (near downtown) and some equipment
under the adjacent I-20 highway overpass structure, taken August, 1993.
The exact location is Marshall & Franklin streets in Shreveport.
The Illinois Central operated a passenger train on this route until just before
the Amtrak days, which was a great connecting service from the Northeast.

The "roof cowboy" (not sure of exact street: Commerce or Spring St. ?) in Shreveport.

Ex-IC bridge over the Red River (to Bossier City) with a cross track.

Old Illinois Central freight station in Shreveport, LA (9/93).
Is it now gone? I can't find it in a satellite view on Google maps.

Midsouth freight crossing on an overpass bridge (Cotton St./Clyde Fant Pkwy area)
just before crossing the Red River (Shreveport, LA - October, 1993).

Two views of the Amtrak station in Austin, Texas (September, 1993).

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