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Stations, towers, etc., New Jersey, 1969-71 B&W set

These photos were taken in 1969-71, of both active and abandoned sites.

At the New York, Susquehanna & Western (NYS&W) North Hawthorne, NJ yard.
Classic "Susie Q" boxcar and two service vehicles, taken in June, 1969.

Abandoned Caldwell freight station on the ex-Erie's Caldwell Branch, which ran from Great Notch
Junction to Essex Fells. Tracks are now gone on this line. Taken July, 1969.

Abandoned Verona station on the Caldwell branch, at the end of Depot St., July, 1969.

E-L railroad bridge over Little Falls Road, along the ex-Erie's
former Greenwood Lake branch, July, 1969.

Great Notch junction, just south of Little Falls, NJ, looking north. The left track goes
towards the Caldwell branch, the right track north to Little Falls station.
Beyond this point (north & west) the line becomes single-tracked. This is along
the Erie Lackawanna Greenwood Lake/Boonton line, taken in July, 1969.

Westbound local freight passing the Great Notch, NJ station in July, 1969,
along the Erie Lackawanna Greenwood Lake/Boonton line.

Little Falls station along the Greenwood Lake/Boonton line, July, 1969.

Abandoned Marshall Street, (Paterson, NJ / Lackawanna Plaza) station
of the former Lackawanna (DL&W) Boonton line which ran through Paterson, NJ,
hugging the east & north perimeter of Garret Mountain.
The station as well as all trackage on this portion of the line was removed
during the construction of Interstate 80 and Route 19 through Paterson, NJ.
It snaked around the mountain heading north and then to the west,
around New Street (I recall the Dowling Coal & Coke Company there),
then along the south side of the Passaic River and over a "high bridge"
into Totowa, near the same location where the I-80 bridge crosses the river
in West Paterson now. On the north side of the river, the "Totowa
Industrial Spur" remains to some extent as a remnant of the line there, and connects
with the ex-Erie line and still-active remainder of the Boonton Line in Mountain View.
I was actually in this station once while it was still open, but rarely see
other photos of it. If anyone has any more of this station,
the bridge, or of this line though Paterson, please contact me.

Upper Montclair station along the Erie Lackawanna Greenwood Lake/Boonton line, July, 1969.

Watchung Avenue station along the Erie Lackawanna Greenwood Lake/Boonton line, July, 1969.

Montclair ex-Erie station along the Erie Lackawanna Greenwood Lake/Boonton line,
July, 1969. This station was only a short distance from the now-demolished ex-DL&W
electrified Montclair trainshed (see separate photo page). A new connection was built in
this area around 1980, and the line was electrified eventually up to Great Notch.
Basically, the ex-Erie lower portion was then abandoned, and a connection
from the lower portion of the former DL&W electrified Montclair line was made to
the ex-Erie Greenwood Lake branch from there.
My bicycle appears here and in a few others, which was how I got around back then.

Mahwah, NJ Erie-Lackawanna station, on the Main Line just below Suffern, NY, August, 1969.

ex-DL&W Clifton, NJ "Athenia" station, which was once part of the DL&W Boonton line, but
now used for the Main Line via a new connection after the E-L abandoned the ex-Erie
trackage through downtown Passaic in 1963. Photo taken from the window of train #1105 on
November 7, 1969. The "Erie" concrete benches were not originally native to this station.

Picturesque Westwood, NJ station along the E-L NJ&NY branch (Pascack Valley Line),
on April 29, 1970, looking northeast. Single-tracked commuter line, Hoboken-Spring Valley.

Two views of the classic ex-DL&W electrified Broad Street Station, Newark, NJ, on December 28,
1970. Through mainline (Chicago/Buffalo) trains also stopped at this station at one time.
Since 2008, a light-rail NJ Transit line connects this station with Penn Station.

Broad Street station, three tracks under catenary (12/28/70), looking east.

Virtually abandoned (one track left) former Erie right-of-way in Jersey City, NJ, which led
to the old Erie Jersey City (Pavonia) terminal. Erie passenger service was switched to the
DL&W Hoboken terminal in the late '50's (before merger in 1960), eliminating the need for
this section and the old terminal. Photo taken 2/19/71.

Abandoned Erie interlocking tower along the old Pavonia-bound right-of-way.
Taken 2/19/71, in Jersey City, NJ

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