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Steamtown, Scranton, PA - May 23, 2009

Steamtown & Electric City Trolley Museum
These photos were taken at Steamtown and the trolley museum on 5/23/09.

The first picture is of CP 2317 operating under steam.

On the east side of the grounds, is ex-PST 76 waiting for departure.

The following images were taken at the barn near Moosic, PA
at the south end of the line, 5 miles from Steamtown.
Also shown is the ball field adjacent to the station.

Heading back to Scranton, we have a brief double-tracked section,
an underpass, then the south portal of the nearly mile-long tunnel under Scranton.

At the right we have a view of the DL&W station,
the original L&WV Scranton terminal stood to the left of the station.

We see some steam engines again as we return to Steamtown,
also some vintage diesels and passenger coaches.

CP 2317 is still under steam, just back from an excursion.

Other views from the museum area...

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