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Central NY State / Susquehanna - 1978 - 1994

Here's a collection of photos taken primarily in Central New York State, focusing on the lines
eventually acquired by the NYS&W (Susquehanna), over a wide date range.

The NYO&W station at Middletown, NY, taken in the summer of 1978.
The NYO&W was abandoned in 1957, but this station
(and quite a few others) remain across its former territory,
mostly converted to other uses. Tracks are gone in almost all areas, but here one track
remains as a connector for other roads. This station was badly damaged by a fire in
February, 2004, but is still standing and hopefully will one day be restored.

NYS&W (Susquehanna) trackage behind the former International Wire plant (Wyckoff, NJ) 1978.

Photos from Norwich, NY in Chenango county. This rural area once served two railroads, the
NYO&W and the DL&W, which ran parallel to each other in a north/south direction.
When the NYO&W shut down in 1957, only the DL&W line remained. It became part of the
Susquehanna (NYS&W) Northern Division in 1982 and freight service continued for a while.
The NYS&W Northern Division consists of 2 lines running north of Binghamton, NY.
At Chenango Forks the lines split and the western line runs north to Syracuse via Cortland,
and the eastern line through Norwich to Utica. Heavy rains in 2006 washed out some trackage in
the Greene area, so now this line is unused and may possibly be abandoned.
Will Norwich lose its second rail line as well?

Norwich ex-DL&W station looking south towards East Main Street, April, 1980.

The freight station on the south side of East Main St. (Norwich, NY), October, 1980,
with a blue Conrail engine on the dock track in pre-NYS&W days.

More views of the freight station area and some old snow removal equipment, from various dates.

March 1983 (2 photos).

October, 1987.

May 1988 (2 photos).
The beige building at the left is the Victory Markets (Great American chain)
frozen food warehouse, which was fairly new at the time but was torn down when the
company folded in the late 80's. Now a supermarket is on the site.

Passing through Cuyler / DeRuyter, NY was an old Lehigh Valley RR line to Cortland which
was abandoned in the 1960's. In fact, this was originally an NYO&W line built much earlier.
I can't find any additional photos I may have of the line, but just west of Cuyler, these
abutments of the line still existed as of June, 1985 across the driveway of a private home,
and may still be there today. Let me know if anyone else has noticed this "fossil".
I knew the folks that lived there at the time, Craig & Lavone Youngs.

Two views of a freight led by NYS&W engines through Afton, NY in
September, 1989 (with a cheap temporary camera).

These two photos were taken of a pair of GG-1 (ex-PRR, ex-Amtrak) northeast corridor mainline
electric passenger engines which once plied the New York to Washington DC route,
from the 1930's until the early 1980's. The photos were taken in August, 1994,
at Cooperstown Junction, NY (not far from Oneonta).
These circa-1942 engines were acquired by the Leatherstocking Railway
Museum, but sat for years at this location rusting away. The 4932 (shown) has reportedly been
purchased and moved to Michigan for an exhibit and restoration at "The Henry Ford" museum,
while the (rear) unit, the 4934, is reported to still be at the site as of 2009.

The guy in the second photo is me, your photographer, taken by a buddy from Norwich
who was with me that day. I was a young 40 at the time.

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