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Central NY State - Binghamton, NY - September, 1996

Here's a collection of photos taken around the Binghamton, NY station & yards.

This area (the ex-Erie/Lackawanna station grounds), hosted some vintage equipment
at the time, not sure how long they were on display, as this was just a few weeks
before I moved to North Carolina. These are all from September, 1996.

The old warehouses just to the west of the Chenango Street overpass & station area.
These still remain today.

Boxcars in Erie paint, E-L caboose & other cars on the DL&W trackside area,
just east of the Lackawanna station.

Sad old E unit just east of the display cars & DL&W station, originally Southern Railway,
note the "SR" logo on the bottom front panel.

Front area of the ex-DL&W station on Lewis Street.

Two bumper stops for long-gone tracks, the old Erie freight station can be seen
across the way, in the middle area of the trackage span.

Another perspective of the vintage cars then on site.

View of the DL&W station from the front and west.

Another view of the warehouses to the west (on the north side of the tracks). The next photo
(looking west) shows the separation of the original Lackawanna (left) and Erie (right)
trackage, as they head west toward Vestal & Endicott.

Trackside views at the Lackawanna station.

Looking east, from the north side of the Erie freight station, the ex-Erie mainline
pair of tracks continues straight ahead into the distance, while at the very left
is the west end of the Delaware & Hudson trackage into the yard,
and also the trackage which leads to the NYS&W (ex-DL&W) lines north, which split
at Chenango Forks into the lines to Syracuse & Utica.

In this view, you can barely see the word "Erie" at the top of the Erie freight station.
This is the south side of that station, and the tracks to the right are ex-DL&W tracks,
with the DL&W passenger station at the right. The Erie freight station was torn down
just a couple of years after this photo set was taken.

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