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Tamaqua Historic Reading Railroad Station, November 20, 2010

The old Reading Company railroad station in Tamaqua, PA was built in 1874 by the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad,
serving a peak of over 40 passenger trains daily in the early 20th century.
All passenger service to the station was discontinued in 1961,
but the Reading and then its successor (Conrail) maintained dispatching offices in the station until 1980.
The station was then abandoned for many years and at risk of being torn down more than a few times,
it even survived a fire, but after persistance by the city it was finally restored by 2004.

The back side of the Tamaqua station.

A few noteworthy historic items and cabooses on the grounds.

Looking across the track to the east.

Old Reading baggage carts, and trackside views of the station.

The Reading & Northern, which now operates the line, has an office across the street.

Some signal equipment, a tower, and a hi-rail pickup truck.

Inside the station now is a bar, a restaurant and a couple of small shops.

In nearby Hazleton, along the tracks downtown, all it can boast of is a newish bus station.

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