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Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August, 1987

I have included rail & rail station photos, to avoid a separate page for this city.

Streetcars in downtown Toronto.

Subway (an above-ground section) structure / tracks, and a car entering an elevated station.
Downtown, the trains run in classic subway tunnels, with plenty of underground
mini-malls and shops as well, to cater to customers during the cold winters.

Vintage streetcars used for trolley tours.

Two views of the 505 line in the Chinatown area.

Along the "front" of the city, views of the trackage, yards, tower and station areas.

In the first photo, self-propelled cars (RDC's) can be seen in the distance.

The CN tower (built in 1975, and the tallest free-standing structure in the
western hemisphere at 1,815 feet tall), overlooks the main rail corridor of the city.

The front of the main (ex-CN) rail terminal, and a view of the interior.

Two views of "GO" Ontario double-decker commuter trains,
one with a newer engine, and one with an older bulldog-type.

Another view of a streetcar downtown near dusk.

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