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Trip to NY and the northeast, May, 2009

Art-deco Chrysler Building in Manhattan, New York City.

Tom's Restaurant, Broadway, Upper West Site, the site of "Seinfeld" fame.

Main Street (downtown Flushing), Queens, rapidly becoming a "mainland China" clone.

Along Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village, Queens, the Niedersteins German restaurant
(there since the 1860's) was torn down and replaced by an Arbys & Radio Shack.

Front of the Brooklyn Museum.

"Zum Stammtisch", one of the last German restaurants along Myrtle Avenue, Queens, NY.

Citi Field, built for the Mets just as the old Shea Stadium was torn down,
adjacent to Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY.

Inside the Queens Museum (Flushing Meadows Park), items for sale from both World's Fairs,
the one in 1939-40 and the one in 1964-65.

Inside the Queens Museum, views of the huge scale model of New York City.

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