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Trip to NY and the northeast, May, 2009

These next photos were taken at Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York.
The first photo is of the exterior of the Queens Museum of Art, built in 1938,
which served both fairs as the New York City building with exhibits.
It also hosted the United Nations General Assembly from 1946-1950.

Most reminders of the fairs are gone except for a few old buildings & structures.
Elevator towers and round pavilion which were once the New York State exhibits.

The Queens Theatre in the park, once part of the New York State pavilion.

Another view of the once canvas-covered New York State pavilion from 1964-65.

And, of course, the Unisphere, built of stainless steel by U.S. Steel for the '64-65 fair.
It's 140 feet high and weighs 900,000 pounds.

Statue of Liberty as seen from the Staten Island Ferry.

Inside the Staten Island Ferry.

Looking back towards lower Manhattan.

Approaching (and at) the St. George dock on Staten Island.

Returning to Manhattan.

View to the west of newer tall buildings at Jersey City / Hoboken, New Jersey.

Arriving back in Manhattan, New York.

Views at the South Street Seaport, Manhattan, NY (continued on next page).

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