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E-L U34CH Push-Pull units - 1970-71

Eventually, all vintage Erie-Lackawanna passenger commuter equipment was retired
and replaced by newer equipment provided by the state of New Jersey.
At first, the E-L (later Conrail) still operated the trains, but in later years New Jersey Transit
took over operations completely. Here are a few shots of the early days.

For comparison, the first picture is not of the new push-pull units, but of some
ex-Santa Fe coaches which were refurbished by the state and began to replace the
ancient ex-Erie and DL&W coaches in November, 1969, some of which dated to 1906.
These new coaches seemed luxurious in comparison, deep-cushion chairs, linoleum floors,
and curtains. They also had much more modern toilets. Shown here is a
side view at Waldwick, NJ, in November 1969, when they first entered service.

The actual "new" U34CH push-pull trains went into service on January 21, 1971,
but some could already be seen parked in Hoboken by December, 1970.
These were to be used on the non-electrified lines such as the Main Line.
Here's engine 3354 (GE U34CH) in Hoboken on December 28, 1970.

Here's a view of some of the coaches on the waterfront area at Hoboken.(12/28/70)

Interior of brand-new Pullman Standard-built coach #1510, for the push-pull sets.(12/28/70)

Front of push-pull coach 1506, at the end of the track in Hoboken, December 28, 1970.
The engine would be at the front end of the train when leaving Hoboken, and when
operating inbound, it would be operated remotely from the cab in these units.

Just a few weeks into regular service, here's an eastbound train leaving Waldwick station
with 5 coaches and a snack bar car, pushed by a U34CH. This is train #1164 departing
Waldwick, NJ at 10:41AM on Tuesday, February 16, 1971. The still-operational
"WC" tower can be seen in the distance, just past the engine.

Here's U34CH number 3353 pulling westbound train #1157 out of Hawthorne, NJ, at 9:43AM
on Thursday, February 18, 1971. These engines were built in Fall, 1970 by GE at Erie, PA.

Here's a view at Waldwick curve (looking south from the Wyckoff Ave. bridge)
later in the year: June, 1971. A U34CH pulls a four car train with the trees filled out.

Taken at the same time, a slightly different perspective of the (then) 4-tracked curve.

A push-pull train headed by a U34CH pulls out of the Waldwick, NJ station in Fall, 1971.

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