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Wilkes-Barre, PA - City garden progress - Summer, 2013

Photos to track the progress of my "city garden" this year.
The first several are from Wednesday, June 19, 2013, and the rest are as we progress through the season.

In the "box", to the right are yellow zucchini, started from seed. I was trying to get the normal yellow straightneck
squash, but grabbed these by mistake. They are doing very well though, and took off like weeds.
In the center, Roma tomatoes started from seed and transplanted here. I previously planted some cauliflower seeds there,
but nothing came up. In the back left corner, two Japanese eggplant plants bought at Lowes.



There's a row of beans all along the fence, climbing up, and a couple young pepper plants (started from seed) right here.


In the main garden area along the fence, I have a big stand of purple turnips, planted as seed then thinned out.
After only about 5 weeks, some are getting to a good size already. To the right of the turnips is a row of store-bought
pepper plants, then a row of about 3 different kinds of store-bought tomato plants. To the right of that, another row
of the Roma tomato plants I started from seed.


Instead of the topsy-turvy planters (which all fell apart after 2 years), I got one of these barrels this year.
It's about 2/3 soil with 1/3 rocks at the bottom, and a few holes for drainage. These 3 cherry tomato plants are doing well.


To the right of everything else in the main area is a stand of butternut squash. I hope these do well so I'll have some food to freeze.
They're slow growing so far (after 5 weeks from seed), but seem healthy.


In the back corner are some redleaf lettuce plants. I tried them in a few different places, but very few came up,
and it took so long I didn't think they would. I still have plenty of seeds, so I may try some more once I have to harvest the turnips.


Additional photos from early July, 2013:
Harvested most of the turnips after about 5 weeks from seed.


First yellow zucchini, Japanese eggplant and peppers.




Looking like a jungle, before the heat began to turn some leaves yellow.


Cleared out most of the front (driveway area) of hedges & bushes, put up a fence,
and have planted some okra and Spanish onion seeds in this area.


Now, in mid-August, the Okra plants have grown well so far, and there are some poppies along the driveway.



In the container area, the plum tomatoes are mostly still green (left), and the yellow zucchini plants (right)
have almost finished their useful days, but I managed to get over 60 zucchinis while they lasted.


Along the fence I put up some wire and string, and the bean plants created a wall almost eight feet high, providing some
privacy from the neighbors. The beans are just starting to come in now, at about 90 days from seed.





Back in the corner, a few mature red lettuce plants remain, we've been using them for salad right along.


On the right side of the garden, the butternut squash lie scattered across the area, the vines are starting to
thin out and the leaves wilting, so it may be time to harvest them soon, once the stems turn brown.


In the kitchen is the third batch of tomatoes, ready to make sauce, we've gotten over 200 so far, with more to come.


This brings us to mid-August (2013)...


Soon after, I harvested the butternut squash, and baked and froze it for later.


In September, the figs from our bush began to ripen en-masse, and we canned some preserves.



The okra plants up front were getting a lot larger and flowering, and the late Spanish onions (from seed) are also growing.



Out back, the garden area is now showing signs of age. The bean plants kept producing a bit longer,
while a second small batch of eggplant came later, and there will still be tomatoes until frost.



Surprisingly, the pepper plants are doing well and have begun to produce more late in the season.


The half-barrel of cherry tomatoes keeps producing some stragglers, but smaller than early on.


Going into the garage door at the far right, my enlightened monk statue enjoys the scenery.


A large squash I found at Lowes for sale as decoration, but cooked and froze it - 16.4 pounds, 21" long.


October: Okra beginning to produce...


...the onions which are doing well beginning to develop their bulbs...


...and this particular slim-fruit pepper plant still seems to be flowering quite well.


This brings us to mid-October, as the season is winding down.

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