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Rail Lines in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area, 2011

These were all taken on May 28, 2011, north of Pittston, PA.
Going about a mile north on North Main St., there's a short road on the left called
Rutledge Drive, which is the access entrance for a few industries/warehouses.
The Luzerne Susquehanna stores some equipment here right where the tracks cross the road,
and they have a small red shop building with tracks leading into it. One early weekday morning a few months
before this, I saw two employees starting up one of their engines to get ready for a day's work.
This was a Saturday afternoon, and the equipment here now was idle.
Here are two shots of SW-1 number 600...



and SW-9 number 1201.



Not sure if this last loco (#14) is a recent aquisition (as of early 2011), but it sure could use some new paint.
Incidentally, for a huge collection of LS roster photos, go HERE


Just a bit further north, on the west side of North Main St., the tracks veer to the west
before crossing a bridge to Coxton yard. At this point there is also a small shop area
owned by the Reading & Northern, which is plainly visible from the road. This is across from Union Street.
Here's R&N SD40-2 number 3052 at the facility, and a couple cabooses.



Turning onto Coxton Road (Duryea) just a bit north, there is no public visibility for
Coxton yard itself, it's all hidden behind private property or through the woods.
At this one spot along the road, however, a single telegraph pole happened to remain preserved.


The only way I could see any of the yard was to hike into the woods a bit
to catch some of these idle cars, but nearer to the east end. Bing maps has a decent aerial view
of the area, showing what appears to be part of the roundhouse remaining, but I didn't venture beyond this spot.




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