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Spring Projects - 2013 [Wilkes-Barre, PA]

Finally got a few things done here this spring - next will be more work on the garden.

These photos taken on Wednesday, May 1, 2013...

The first project was to build a new wall between the first two bays of the garage,
as the old separator was ancient boards and chicken wire. I got these panels free
at the Card Outlet store which closed the end of January, and worked on this in February.


The right side of the same wall...


The right two bays of the garage are used for storage, built a huge elevated shelf there
to get most of the totes and misc. "stuff" from cluttering up the space.


Small tool-hanging area.


Next was the sink in the tiny downstairs bathroom, definitely needed an upgrade,
and this one was very inexpensive at Lowes.


The upstairs bathroom sink was falling apart as well, and this newer (yet vintage) sink
was much larger, got it for free through the internet group "Freecycle" and added a line of glass tiles behind it.


This was such an old house that the washer and dryer were in the kitchen,
I'd been hoping for a long time to get them out. Finally built a closet with sliding doors
for them, which you see at the left of the entrance to the kitchen. Had to rearrange some plumbing, too.



Moved the refrigerator to the spot where the dryer was and had space to install
this entirely new four foot kitchen cabinet section...
These projects were completed in late March - early April.


My wife insisted we get rid of the kitchen table because "nobody sits there",
and put a small shelf/table by the window. Of course, the cats like it best.
She also bought new curtains for the kitchen, living room and dining room,
as the old ones were ancient and full of dust.


The new living room curtains...


...and in the dining room.


I also got a cheap shelf unit to help unclutter the cellar a bit.


We really have very little garden space due to the garage, just a sort of triangular area
about 150 square feet, but it did very well last year. On April 29, I built this extra
little garden area (10x6 - 60 square feet) and filled it with 8 inches of soil.


Early afternoon, May 1, still some scallions in the ground from last year, I finally harvested them.


The main garden area, early afternoon...


... and around 7 PM after digging it all up and cleaning out the weeds.
Will plant on the 9th, as that's supposed to be a moon-favorable day
and less chance for any more frost by then.


Trying to start some tomatoes and peppers up on the small upstairs deck... too soon to tell...


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