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Wilkes-Barre, PA - at home on Christmas Day, 2010

Maui (cat) by the computer, next to Buddha Cat, while reading the Times Leader police blotter on the web.

Living room, with old train set on coffee table.

Stairs, with some of my wife's Marilyn Monroe pictures.

Living room.

Dining room.



Wanda's office / craft room.

Upstairs bathroom.

Rear bedroom.

Master bedroom.

My computer & radio room.

Upstairs hallway.

The garage & around the house.

Wanda relaxing with Maui in the lounge chair.

Me by the tree & in the living room.

Playing some Holiday music on the tube hi-fi I built.

Mandu (cat) by the oven.

Me on the couch, just got a major haircut, usually look like a hippie.

Feline activity, here's Mandu, the other two (Bengal) cats are Maui & Messina.

Yes, get in line to sniff that catnip...

Here's Prissy, had to let her out later, she doesn't get along with the other cats.

Outside on Monday morning (12/27/10), finally got an inch of snow.

Our street, after plowing...

And a view of the back of a few neighbors yards.

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