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World War II Photos - Dad - Part I

Captions taken from my dad's service album, but not necessarily 100% accurate.

My dad holding a kitten, Corsica.

My dad at the right, (all photos in the these two sets include him as a subject).
Foggia, Italy.

Florence, Italy.

The Martinez Hotel was located in Cannes, on the Riviera. This hotel appears here and on
several other pages of this site. I know he was in Cannes in March, 1945, so if that's the
only time he was there, that can pretty much date all the Cannes photos.
By that time he was fairly close to being 21 years old.
Cannes, France (next 6 photos).

Florence, Italy.

They had a pool at the Martinez Hotel as well, this "could" be it.
My dad is at the far right, the skinniest of the bunch, as I was at that age.

Having a cold one, Bolzano, Italy.

At the swimming hole (2 more shots of this spot are on the equipment pages).

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