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World War II Photos - Equipment - Part I

Captions taken from my dad's service album, but not necessarily 100% accurate.

Corsica, note the tent at the right side of this photo.

A jeep with Air Force markings, from what it appears - Corsica.

Looks like a cannon or part of a small tank behind the twisted metal.
One site visitor said it looked like a German '88 AA gun.
Corsica, most likely.

Ships on the coast, are they Allied or German? - Corsica
Notice the heavy artillery shells lying on the ground.

Here's an actual tank, the barrel was cut off on the negative - Corsica.
One visitor to the site said it may be a German Hetzer tank.

One of the planes my dad may have flown on as a radioman. - Corsica
It looks like the crew has their bags packed at the right rear.

The rest of the shots on this page were all taken in Florence, Italy.
The base recreation hall, and views of the housing areas.

A few of my dad's buddies also appear in this set, at the base.

Hey there, whatcha got cooking? I was told that mess kits were sterilized this way too.

Another plane, tip missing... (at Florence). I was told these were DC-3 planes,
also known as C-47 "Dakotas" by the Army.

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