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World War II Photos - Land - Part II

Captions taken from my dad's service album, but not necessarily 100% accurate.

Florence, Italy.

Cannes, France.

Bolzano, Italy (next 2 photos).

Rome, Italy.

Bolzano, Italy (next 5 photos).

Cannes, France.

The Martinez Hotel was most definitely in Cannes (French Riviera),
and the date most likely in the spring of 1945, not long before VE day.

Rome, Italy (next 2 photos).

The Lamour Bar in Cannes, my dad must have had some good times here, as he saved
5 little "ad" tickets, note also the trolleybus wire pair above the street.

Note the date on the back of the second "ticket", 3/5/45, with an autograph.

Another photo of the soldiers at the water hole in Corsica.

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